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Change of seasons, change of generations in the workforce


Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  Colors change, temperatures change and of course wardrobes change.  With each change, comes the task of adapting to the new season. Out with the t-shirts and shorts and in with the cozy sweaters and pants.  

The same holds true for leaders and employees.  As our seasons of generations change in the workplace, we must adapt to the diverse cultures to have a productive workforce.  

Recently I was facilitating on How to Lead Successfully in a Diverse Generational Culture.  The participants were of varied ages, which led to some powerful conversations around what is the best format to engage employees to get the job done.  

The irony with the younger generations (Generation Z and Millennials) and the older ones, (Generation X and Baby Boomers) is that they both are searching for answers to two simple questions. 

Where do I fit in?

What’s next for me?

As the younger folks enter the workforce they want to know how they fit in to the big picture.  They want to know why their role is important  and what’s their trajectory in the company?  

They are uncertain.

The older generations sometimes are concerned with learning new technology and policy changes that may be challenging.  They’re afraid they may lose their job to a younger more affordable replacement.    

They too are uncertain.

You see, each end of the generational divide has something in common.  They want to feel needed and a part of something.  They both can benefit by working together for the good of the company.  The “trick” lies in how to adapt communication effectively to the different ages so that they feel valued and part of something worthwhile. Then you can savor the “treat” of an engaged, productive workforce that’s getting results.  

Are you equipped for this new season?  Let me know what tricks have worked for you in this ever changing culture.

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