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How to Reinvent Your Career

May 12, 2020

I can’t make a pie to save my life. Believe me I’ve tried and given up. One year my husband asked for a pie for his birthday, so I attempted to make the crust from scratch and after three failed attempts I reverted to the premade dough. We laugh about it now, but my deceased grandmother would not be pleased with my efforts.

It amazes me how someone can turn sour cherries into a sweet dessert or make bitter lemons taste delicious with meringue. Not to sound cliche, but when life gives us cherries or lemons — or COVID-19 — we can turn that into something enjoyable. Our epidemic with quarantine time has given people the desire to want something more. Something better.

It might be time to take stock on what’s important and re-examine your career. Is it headed in the direction of your dreams? I hope so. Being prepared, doesn’t mean you’ve abandoned or given up, it’s just a way to put the ingredients together so if the time comes for something new, you’re ready.

So dust off your resume, jot down your valuable assets or skills and map out a plan. Build your own recipe for success and start gathering the ingredients.

Whether you stay with your current role and make it better or choose to look for something different, you’ll have the pieces in place to have the sweet success you desire. I’ll take a slice of that every time!

This month’s article will give you some great tips to get started.

Make today your best!

Tina Asher
Business/Career Coach • Trainer • Facilitator
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How to Reinvent Your Career

Are you an employee, entrepreneur or manager who suddenly finds it necessary to reinvent your career due to COVID-19, the economy, a layoff or going out of business? Or, do these uncertain times simply inspire you to make a change?

If so, you may wonder if you can make a fresh start without having to start over.

The good news is, you can. Here’s how:

Feel Your Feelings

Get angry or frustrated or confused or scared or excited … It’s natural and healthy. No need for the stiff upper lip. Also, no need to deny any enthusiasm. Respect your feelings, and then move forward.

Inventory Your Passions

Ask yourself (or someone you trust): What do I like about me? What do I do better than anyone else? What do I own or use that makes me unique, whether it’s the tone of my voice or a music collection, an outdoor skill, or…?

Core Values

Discovering what we value can be elusive especially under the influences of the “shoulds” from society and loved ones. It can help to ask yourself, what is most important to me? Security? Freedom? Independence? Money?

Having Strengths is Not Enough

Know your strengths, yes, AND remind work contacts and networking buddies where you excel. Be visible. How? Listen to and collaborate with others; share your ideas; if you’re working, participate in meetings and accept projects that highlight your skills. In today’s environment this might be a great time to show your flexibility with your talents.  Ask to be part of a project you’ve always wanted to be part of so you can bring fresh ideas to help grow the business.

Say “Yes” to Everything

Saying “yes” to all opportunities is a powerful expression of self-confidence. It attracts more (and better) opportunities and choices—you can always change your mind.

Transferable Skills

Instead of starting something entirely new, you can start by building on what you already know/have done. From accountant try a transition into financial planning; from teacher to social worker; from real estate agent to tour guide, etc. If it worked for you in the past, it could serve you well now.

The Secret to Reinvention

Don’t know what to “change into?” That’s okay. The only way to find out is to experiment. Volunteer, job shadow, temp or take part-time work in a field you’ve always been curious about as a career. The best place to start is to follow whatever you’re drawn to—trust your instincts.

Find Support

You’re not alone. There are always others in a similar position as you. This is no time to be isolated. Networking with others via job-hunting groups, small-business groups and manager support networks leads to new opportunities. Letting people know you’re looking for work or customers is not begging, it’s marketing.

Turn Lemons into Lemon Meringue Pie

If it were impossible to fail, what career would you choose, today? Is it what you are doing now? If not, could this transition be the time to make a significant change?


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