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3 Simple Steps to Getting Unstuck

Being stuck — whether in a career you don’t love, working in a job where you can’t seem to get ahead, or working for a boss you hate — is not fun and can be hard to get out of alone.

Getting unstuck begins with three simple steps:

  1. Evaluate. Why do you feel stuck, how did you get there? List out the chain of events that led you into this jam.
  2. Look ahead. Where do you want to be? List out what it will feel like to be out of this rut you’re in.
  3. Get help. You will get out of your jam once you acknowledge you need help, find a mentor or coach to support you.

It’s a hard cycle to get out of, yet some people stay stuck for decades before they eventually wear out, burnout, or give up trying for something different.

I hope that’s not you.

A few years ago, my daughter got her car stuck in the snow. She had an awful time trying to get out. She was scared, exhausted from trying, and felt desperate. Eventually, she gave in and took the risk of accepting help from a gentleman who saw she was struggling. She got out of the mess eventually, but not after surrendering to get help. When she pulled away, she could see the tracks it left behind. Yet, as with all things that happen in our past, those tracks are now only faded memories.

How many times have you found yourself stuck?

Maybe you’re stuck right now in a …

… job you hate.
… a relationship that’s not healthy.
… or at a weight you can’t seem to change.

Now think about when you’ve gotten past being stuck. How did it feel?

I write more about the trials and triumphs of being stuck and what to do, in my book, Teetering.

You’ve read the first paragraph for the book up above. Now here’s the second paragraph.

“It was a heavy price to pay. There was a cost to my health, my marriage, my kids, and to the authentic woman inside of me who screamed to be free. When I finally had the courage to dig deep, I found my true self again. It was a long journey, but when I finally leaned into what my soul craved, I found the change I needed at exactly the right time.”

What obstacle are you facing today?

Consider these 3 steps to getting unstuck: evaluate, look ahead, and get help. Then if you still feel stuck, reach out, and I’ll help you find clarity.

If you’d like to connect, contact me at or book a time on my calendar here.

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