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Curiosity Gets Results

September 29, 2020

Remember your first day of school? Your first date? What about your first day on a new job?

What’s the common theme?

Hopefully you’ve said, “it’s the unknown.” In each scenario, walking into something unknown creates curiosity.

Curiosity poses questions, questions result in answers, and answers give us confidence to take the next step to move forward. I love to coach clients on taking a “first day” approach to something. I’ve found that most people lose their sense of wonder in exchange for assumptions.

In the “honeymoon” stage of these “first events”, there’s excitement, a curiosity and a fresh outlook at what’s ahead. Remember those first days? The relationship is new, the excitement to learn more entices us to ask questions. The thirst for knowledge is quenched when we get answers to our questions, leading us to our next phase in life, whether it be a second date leading to marriage or a career path leading to another promotion or a new line of study. The questions that we continue to ask, shape our future.

So why do we stop asking questions? Why does the spark of curiosity fade? Relationships grow old, work becomes unsatisfying and sometimes lead to despair.

Here’s the good news.

Our despair doesn’t need to end in divorce, an affair, or jumping ship to find another job.  It simply requires us to think about a first day approach again.

Be curious to get results.

If your boss is uptight, ask him or her, “hey, I noticed you seem a bit on edge, is there something I can do to help you out?” or if you’re struggling with a relationship at work or home, you might ask, “is there something I can do to help ease the tension between us? Have I done something that is causing you stress? I’d love to know.”

When we know, we grow. Reinvigorate your sense of curiosity. It shows you care; you’ll learn something new and you’ll be able to pave the path for the next phase in life.

Make today your best!

Tina Asher
Business/Career Coach • Trainer • Facilitator
Build U Up Consulting

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