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Time to Reflect and Recharge!

January 12, 2021

What a year! As the new year begins, the focus for most of us is to look ahead and eagerly yearn for something better. You may have set goals, new year resolutions, or have big plans for a big change to happen. I do too.

But before I can do that, it’s important to reflect back on what was gained from the year left behind. As with any success, change, or decision, we should look at what went well, what we would do differently and what we will eliminate in the future.

There’s no argument that 2020 left us with many challenges and heartaches. As many of you have faced, the absence of loved ones around the holidays has left a hole. I’ve known many that have been affected by the virus, including myself. It wasn’t fun and it’s definitely something to be concerned with. Despite those concerns, I would be remiss to not admit there were some celebrations among the chaos. I’ve watched and experienced relationships blossom, families find creative ways to connect, careers developed, new beginnings formed through births and weddings — just to name a few. What have you seen evolve?

Personally, I’ve developed content that will make a bigger impact on my personal and professional connections by publishing a book, creating an online course and developing a new Revival Journal I’m excited to share with you.

Get a fresh start for something new in your life with a helpful guide to move you forward.

Before too much of the new year begins, give yourself a gift and reflect on what went right in the past year. Take a piece of paper and begin to jot down all of the things that went well. It might be small things or really big things, but they happened, despite the chaos.

Next, take time to recharge and write out what you hope to accomplish in the upcoming year. Whether it’s big or small, write it down, think about it and take steps toward those changes.

Reflect, recharge and watch how your own revival begins. I’d love to have a virtual coffee to learn more about what you experienced. To find a convenient time that works for you, check out my calendar or email me to set up a time chat.

To your success,

Tina Asher
Business/Career Coach • Trainer • Facilitator
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