Business and Career Coach / Trainer / Facilitator

Meet Tina

I have a passion for drawing out the strengths in an individual and helping them discover where they would best fit in a career that is in line with their unique lifestyle.  My goal is to help employees become self-aware of what circumstances bring out their best for productive and fulfilling work, while minimizing situations that can add stress or conflict.  In doing so, I’m able to help them learn how to adapt and become more effective in their job.  That can translate to learning how to communicate better with co-workers, teams or managers, to helping with performance reviews, difficult conversations, negotiating salaries, getting that next promotion or transitioning to a new career.

If you are:

  • An employee who feels frustrated, stuck, unsatisfied or unfulfilled with your current job
  • A senior leader who is having difficulty with your team’s performance
  • In a new role and not feeling confident

And you’d like to

  • Communicate better with a boss or co-worker
  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Be confident in performance reviews and negotiating a salary
  • Transition to a better career

Have you ever looked back at your life and viewed it as a story?  We all have one.  The pages of our life build a story of who we are today.  Some chapters are filled with laughter and joyful moments while others are filled with despair.  But we all have a beginning and we will all have an end.

This tells a bit of my story.

Build U Up Consulting was created as an evolution from my original company, Asher Career Coaching and Consulting, LLC which was formed in July of 2017.  The company was created after my 30-year corporate career suddenly ended due to an acquisition.  I’d been dreaming of owning my own business for years and so after months of deliberating on which path to take, I pursued my passion of building a business that would help others move forward in their lives.

I saw a need to assist professionals with career transition and career development while maintaining a lifestyle that was enjoyable.  So, I researched and got my certifications in science-based assessments for behavior styles, motivators, acumen, competency skills and emotional quotient to help transition employees, managers and teams toward a more rewarding career.

With my work experience in Management, Sales, Operations and Customer Service along with a background in Leadership Advancement Coaching and now the certifications; I was ready to launch my next chapter.

Let’s start a conversation to see if I can help to build another chapter in your story.

To schedule a complimentary strategy session, access my calendar here.