Build U Up


You Deserve a Great Career

What we cover in this episode

  • The idea that you deserve to have a great career.
  • The need to reduce fear and how to overcome career stagnation.
  • The Power of Career Coaching and Personal and Professional Growth.
  • The Benefits of Journaling and Appreciation.


What you will learn … 

  • How to take your relationships off autopilot — from reactive and responsive to proactive and productive.
  • How to “own your day” with time blocking
  • How to empower others to recognize and respect your schedule
  • What it means to “win or learn”

Overcoming the FEAR & Struggle Of Change – How to Embrace and Benefit from It

What you will learn … 

  • How to go through the process of change
  • How not to be afraid of changes
  • Why people are resistant to change
  • Strategies to overcome the fear of change
  • How to delegate for better outcomes

Business Consultant/Author talks about Rediscovering Herself and Her Purpose

Tina shares about her journey from highly successful businesswomen who had lost her identity, to a business owner who is now following her purpose. She tells us about how she had become driven to find fulfillment outside of her home and that ultimately caused her marriage to crumble. After a long dark battle, she was able to re-discover her true authentic self and is passionate to help individuals find the same thing.

Tina Asher on leadership development, handling burnout on your team, and making good decisions

In this episode I talk with Tina Asher, a career coach who enjoys helping busy professionals get out of the rat race and build on a career that they love.

Tina and I talk about leadership development, recognizing the early signs of burnout with your team and how to address it, using her change cycle to make good decisions and so much more.