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Tina Asher

Feeling out of balance?

Maybe you’re stressed out and hoping for something more at work and home.

Is your job running your life and you’ve lost control? Maybe you’re just stuck and afraid of change.

Pick up the book, Teetering and walk through author Tina Asher’s journey to discover helpful tips to help you move into action for your best life.

Tina shares authentic stories both personal and professional to help you avoid the messy pitfalls she’s witnessed.  Stories on success, mishaps, faith, sin and client victories to overcome the chaos of life.

Isn’t it time for you to have the career and life you love?

Here’s what others have to say once they read it:
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Book Testimonials

Started reading Teetering –Wow, it was like holding up a mirror in many aspects
-Michelle Perry

“I haven’t even gotten halfway through the book and it sounds SO familiar!!! Love it so far.”
-Tiffany Wright

Glad I read this book!
“This book is so good. Life gets busy, we all have too much of a “to do list” and not enough free time. Tina shows us how to live our best life and to slow down, to live in the present. It’s an easy read full of great advice. I highly recommend this book.”  –Debbie Georgevitch

So honest and real about embracing change!
“Loved this book! Tina’s honest, raw stories show how change is possible – especially during hard times. I always like to have ideas, tips and strategies that I can try in my own life and this book delivers! This is one I will go back to for years to come whenever change is on the horizon.” ~Katie Tracy, Author of Behind the Closed Door

Vulnerable, honest, and thought-provoking. Exactly what I needed to hear!
Teetering is the book I wish I’d had when I was failing at the juggling act of life—raising kids, keeping my marriage on stable ground, and climbing the corporate ladder all at the same time. Tina’s vulnerability in sharing her life’s stories drew me in, and the lessons she shares for how we can do things differently—and better—make this a must read! Tracy Bianco, author of The Checklist Life.

Want to Get Off the Hamster Wheel?
Author Tina Asher worked hard to become highly successful in the corporate world, but in the process, she lost track of her values and her sense of self. Sad to say, this is a common problem when the busy upward climb becomes an out-of-balance downward spiral. Tina weaves the honest and vulnerable account of her own journey with the lessons she learned as she reshaped her life. She points out many ways we find ourselves “teetering” between two options: one safe but stifling and one that can release our true passions and purpose. This book will benefit anyone who feels stressed and overwhelmed–and isn’t that all of us at some point? Mary Jo Gremling, Author of You are still Beloved