“Hiring Tina as my career coach was one the best career decisions I have ever made. She worked with me during my career transition by identifying my strengths and weaknesses, as well as important work aspects that would lend most to my ongoing success. She offered invaluable insight on my job search and prepared me for the interviewing process so I was confident and nail the tough questions. I accepted a high-level position with a great company, as a direct result of working with her. I would recommend her to anyone looking for help in landing their dream job!” Diane S.

“Tina has been a truly helpful professional. I came to her with an identity problem and she gave me a sense of security back that was lost at the time. She helped me face my doubts in a critical work situation and then accompanied me through an uncertain time with constructive advice. She has mastered the skill to be able to put literally anything in a positive perspective and calms the situations and emotions as they arise. I am glad I got to work with her and will work with her in the future. Thank you again for all you’ve done.” Sebastian K.

“Tina is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever worked with. In the short amount of time I’ve known her, she has been caring, helpful, accommodating, and most of all accountable. You can tell she truly cares about her job and has a passion for it. Tina truly wants to help people find their own passion and be successful. Once I was laid off, I did not have the drive to find another job. Having her as my career coach made me more accountable of my actions and reinvigorated my search for a job. We set up goals per week on what I would do week to week. It could range from applying to multiple positions or even going through mock interviews. She helped me find out what my strengths and weaknesses through assessments and how to improve upon them. She made me realize what was best for me and where I want to be in my career. I have nothing but great things to say about Tina. My results with her were fantastic. I had multiple job opportunities in the first three months I worked with her and finally decided on one a few weeks back. I highly recommend her to others looking for opportunities to better themselves in their career or their search for it.” Carl M.

After 5 years of job interviews and 5 years of rejections, my confidence was completely destroyed and obviously, I was doing something wrong, but I had no idea what. After two meetings, where Tina critiqued my resume’, cover letter, social media profile, and discussed interviewing skills and preparation, I happened to land another job interview. Thanks to Tina, with renewed confidence, better and more thoughtful preparation, I nailed the interview and got a great new job!” Happily, Employed Business Manager, Missouri

Prior to seeking out Tina, I didn’t feel like I was getting the most out of my career. I felt as if I was just going through the motions to collect a paycheck and I wasn’t very happy at the company I was at. I decided to contact Tina so that I could figure out what I needed to do to get out of the situation I was in. I didn’t want to keep on jumping from one terrible job to another, I wanted to find something that made me happy and feel like I was valued as a person and not just another employee.
As a result, after my coaching sessions, I was able to find a company that I am very happy with and that values me as a person. I ended up getting around a 25% pay increase and doubled my paid time off. Basically, I have more free time and more money to spend during that free time. All I can say is if you are unhappy with your current career, or undecided about where you want to go, Tina can give you the tools and guidance that will allow you to make those tough choices and be happier in your life. I fully recommend her and have recommended her to multiple friends in similar situations.” Dustin Filipek

Tina is very insightful in helping you identify and implement strategies to get you over your career hurdles. I have to thank her for helping me develop how I talk about myself and present my experiences. Our sessions helped me properly present myself to the CFO and head finance/leasing member during my most recent interviewing process. I’ve been hired on as a very early, high ranking employee in a relatively new company that requires some restructuring and has its goals set high. Tina was able to help me identify my strengths and discuss them in a way that made me stand out as a valuable addition to this company to achieve and exceed our goals.” Adam Pushkas

I started a process of self-discovery with Tina because of a need to change my lifestyle, but also because it was being forced on me due to upcoming employment changes, so I found myself excited but also uncertain. Tina helped me see the tree through the forest. She assisted me in understanding my worth and showed me how to ask for what I deserve. She kept me focused and encouraged me every step of the way while working at my pace and with my schedule. As a result, I have the job I always wanted 1 year earlier than I thought possible and I can thank Tina for being with me on this journey.” Eve Janis

“Working with Tina, I was able to confidently prepare for meetings to discuss a potential job promotion. Tina has a unique superpower! She doesn’t stop at an accurate assessment of strengths and weaknesses; she knows how to apply her insight in a way that supports real change in other people.

The skills I learned while working with Tina have already been of benefit in both personal and professional relationships. I am looking forward to working with Tina in the future and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their communication skills and career prospects. With gratitude for you and your work.” Karessa Torgerson

“Holy cow! I learned about myself while reading that! It’s crazy to read things about myself, pause, and then realize that’s actually how I really am. I love how it highlights strengths, but also highlights methods of communication that I may be more or less receptive to. If I were to reflect on my career, the various managers that I’ve had along with the various responsibilities…this explains the vast majority of it. Can’t wait to meet with you again!” Annie Frey, The Annie Frey Show, Host, FM NewsTalk 97.1 • KFTK-FM

“Tina is incredible! If you are managing or coaching people, Tina will give you accurate feedback as to the driving forces in their personal and professional lives. She can increase your self-awareness and help you become a better communicator, no matter what type of individual or team you are interacting with. Very valuable and well worth the investment! 5 STARS!” All my best, Chad Gosar, Director of Production Development

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the truly valuable insight that you shared with me today.

Your analysis was extremely accurate and better yet, it provided strategies to improve my interactions and influence with clients, employees, friends, and family.  I’m sure you saw the lightbulb go on above my head repeatedly throughout our meeting.

In my opinion, this is invaluable information for the individual and a no-brainer for companies that want to remain competitive in the market.  I plan on recommending you and your company to my clients with my unequivocal endorsement.  Thank you for opening my eyes to my own strengths and weaknesses, and more importantly, providing the direction to help me make the necessary tweaks to improve my business and personal relationships.  Self-awareness is a wonderful thing and improved relationships are a priceless gift.  Thank you so much for providing me the roadmap to both!” All my best, Matt Goers SVP Sales and Marketing

“Thank you, very much! A couple of interesting updates. I had an interview for a new job. Amazing office, great people – but I also had a good review meeting with my current company. We even talked about the crafting of a new role. And guess what? They liked the idea. Lots of exciting things going on so THANK YOU!” Confidential Client, Oregon

“Tina has the right combination of people skills, leadership abilities, and business structure that makes her the outstanding example of a successful leader. She coaches with strength, wisdom, awareness, and certainty.” Janet Henze, Global Life Coach